RYTONPOWER BR1500 Portable Power Station | 1500W 1530Wh

  • 1530Wh LiFePO4, 3500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity
  • BR1500: 1500W Pure Sine Wave Output;
  • Movable Power Station;
  • In-grid UPS Mode & Flexible UPS Mode(24/7);
  • 5 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/AC+Solar);
  • 5 Outputs for Charging Multiple Devices at once;
  • 10A Max. Solar Input;
  • Easy to Carry/ Fast Charging/ Safe & Reliable/ Cost-effective

Stay Charged, Anywhere, Anytime 1500W/1530Wh Power Station for A Sustainable Lifestyle

With innovatively advanced technology and a big battery up to 1530Wh, BR1500 portable power station will be your emergency supply necessities for daily outings, outdoor camping, barbecues, on the road, or during a power outage.

Small but in Charge

It is small and light-weight (41.8 lbs.), allowing you to move it easily. And comes with a handle and wheels to make it more portable.
Convenient storage allows you to store him at any time without worrying about it occupying your place.

Ultra-durable & Safe Power For Everyday Needs

The BR1500 portable power station is not too compact, but you can still use it to handle your daily needs. From small blenders, coffee machines, rice cookers to refrigerators, even barbecue outdoors, BR1500 can meet your power needs. It all thanks to our pure sine wave inverter, and an impressive 1530WH battery capacity.

Safe, Smart, And Continuously Evolving

For battery pack, we use LiFePO4 type, which is the safer and more stable. You can use our products with confidence without worrying that they will spontaneously ignite with no reason.
The battery capacity remains above 80% after 3,000 charge cycles, and the BR1500 can work for at least 10 years if you use it less than three times a week.

Multiple Ways to Recharge

There are a variety of charging methods for BR1500 portable power station.

  • The first charging method is to use the wall electricity to charge the unit. When you need it urgently, you can choose this scheme first.
  • The second is that you can choose to power it with solar energy via solar panel, which will undoubtedly save the family a considerable amount of electricity bills every month.
  • The third is that you can choose a car charger to power him. The first choice for travel, self-driving tour, road and car life.
  • The fourth charging method can use wall electricity and solar energy to quickly charge the BR1500 portable power station at the same time.

Use your appliances anytime, anywhere

Multiple Ways to Your CUNSTOMIZATION

We accept your customization of BR1500 portable power station.
On our mold, you can DIY your ideas.
You can DIY for them:

  • Fast charge Anderson interface
  • Different type of DC outputs.
  • Diversified power sockets
  • and many more…

Or you can provide your preferred appearance and function, we can also customize it for you.

solar power station system -Tech Specs

Q1: What are the powers for the portable power station?

Answer: Ryton portable power station currently has four models: BR500, BR1000, BR1500, BR2000, and the maximum battery capacity can reach 2000Wh. The RYTON portable power station is compact, easy to store and carry, and can be taken outdoors to charge electrical appliances, mobile phones, and laptops. It can also temporarily supply power to the electrical appliances you need to use during a power outage in your home.

Q2:What kind of battery does the RYTON portable power station use?

Answer: Safer and more stable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are used.

Q3:Can I use a third-party solar panel to charge the BR1500?

Answer: Yes, if the solar panels' specs fall in: 1) Total Voltage: ≤36VDC 2) Total Power: 1800 W Max. 3) Include Aviation 2-pin 16mm plug. 4) A MPPT controller is necessary.

Q4:Is the BR1500 portable power station waterproof?

Answer: No, and please do not place in humid places for long-time.

Q5:Can the BR1500 Portable Power Station be charged in multiple ways at the same time?

Answer: Yes, it can be charged with solar energy and main-grid electricity at the same time.

Q6:How long will the BR1500 portable power Station keep my equipment running?

Answer: You can roughly calculate the supply time: You need to do some search or check the rated power of your device; it should not be exceeding our rated power limits. Supply time (hour) = Our power station capacity (Wh)* 0.85 / Operating power of your device (W) This is the theoretical value calculated. Actual working time may depend on how you use the device, please inquiry seller for details.

Q7:Can the BR1500 portable power station be connected to an additional battery?

Answer: No. If the battery inside your power station is faulty or even dead, please refer to your seller for more information.

Q8:Can I use the car port to charge the BR1500 portable power station

Answer: Yes, but it is recommended to use as little as possible to avoid vehicle battery aging.

Q9:How long does it take to fully charge the BR1500 portable power station using the AC adapter?

Answer: Using the standard AC adapter, it takes about 6 hours to fully charge. If you need a faster charging method, please contact our team to customize it for you.

Q10:How long is the service life of the BR1500 portable power battery?

Answer: Under normal use, the battery of the BR1500 can support up to 3,000 100% charge-discharge cycles

Q11:How to store and maintain the BR1500 portable power station?

Answer: Please use and store the device according to the following environment temperatures: 1)、Normal use and storage: -4 to 113°F (-20 to 45°C) 2)、Optimal use and storage: 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C) Cold weather use Cold temperatures (below freezing) can affect the unit's battery capacity due to chemical characteristics of the battery. Keep the power station within the environment temperature range, 68 to 113°F (20 to 45°C) to prolong battery life. Discharge BR1500 to 30%, then charge to 85% every 3 month. This can help prolong the battery life and ensure your BR1500 is ready to recharge the gears at all times. Without any external sources for power supply during storage, BR1500 has a shelf life of over a year.

Q12:Can the BR1500 portable power station charge Tesla?

Answer: No, if you want to charge Tesla, you can use our portable power station above BR3000, which can to provide Tesla with a cruising range of 15-30 kilometers.

Q13:Can the BR1500 portable power station be charged and discharged at the same time?

Answer: Sure. However, in order to better protect the cycle life of the battery, it is not recommended to charge and discharge the battery at the same time.

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